Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Treatment
Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Treatment
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El NUEVO tratamiento para labios Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Treatment hace que los labios se vean hermosos, voluminosos y suaves al instante. Acondiciona intensamente los labios al instante. El tratamiento para labios te ayuda a conservar la hidratación para una textura mejorada.
  • Suaviza, da volumen y ayuda a hidratar los labios
  • Hace que los labios se vean y se sientan hidratados durante 24 horas
  • Se puede usar solo o como base antes del color
  • Sin dejarlos grasosos
  • Disponible en 1 tono neutro
Artículo N.°: 086800438526
Calificado 5.0 de 5.0 por This stuff actually works! I received this free samples from PINCHme. I have very dry lips especially in the Winter, My lips get so chapped and dry that they even bleed. Since I've been using this product for about 2 weeks now I have noticed how my lips are softer and not as much chapped as they before trying this product. 13 de enero de 2017
Calificado 5.0 de 5.0 por miracle treatment This lip treatment hydrates immediately, plumps, & lasts for hours! I normally suffer from severely dry lips but they have felt wonderful since I started using this. 13 de enero de 2017
Calificado 4.0 de 5.0 por well hydrated It comes in a clear square compact. It is small in size and easy to store and take it with us. It is nice and it is highly moisturizing lip balm. It keeps lips soft and smooth and also well hydrated. I am happy that i got a chance to try the product and it worked well for me. I received a free sample from PINCHme. 13 de enero de 2017
Calificado 5.0 de 5.0 por Silky smooth lips I love this lip treatment! I am constantly using chapativk because I hate when my lips feel super dry, so this is an excellent lip moisturizer to help with my dry lips in winter. It also helps mouisturize my lips before I put on lipstick. I got this free to try through PinchMe and I'm so excited! 12 de enero de 2017
Calificado 5.0 de 5.0 por Lovely lip product I received a sample of the Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Treatment from PINCHme. I wasn't sure about the product once I first tried it, I found it to have a slight gritty texture, but I actually really love it. It does seem to smooth out and loose the gritty texture after it has been on for a bit. It gave my lips great shine without any stickiness which I really liked. It does seem to last quite a while but I did have to reapply a few times thought the day. Overall, I really liked the product and enjoyed using it. 12 de enero de 2017
Calificado 5.0 de 5.0 por My lips are no longer dry I have a problem with chapped lips, especially during the winter. I started using Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Treatment and my chapped lips instantly went away. I love this product. It has made my lips softer and they haven't cracked at all in the cold. 12 de enero de 2017
Calificado 5.0 de 5.0 por Who knew this sample from pinchme would come handy When I received this sample from pinchme I never thought I would find a use for it. Let's just say this winter has been brutal and with this product my lips are soft and supple. Which I absolutely love! Thank you Neutrogena and thank you pinchme. I definitely will be buying this item when my sample runs out! 11 de enero de 2017
Calificado 5.0 de 5.0 por Soft lips I recieved my sample of Hydro Boost Hydrating lip treatment from Pinchme in exchange for my honest review. Since using my lips have felt super soft! I'm a chapstick kind of girl and wasn't sure how I would like this. But it was awesome!! My lips were hydrated all day, didn't feel gunky, it was moisturizing! I will definitely keep using! 10 de enero de 2017
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Aplica en tus labios una generosa cantidad del bálsamo. Repite la aplicación cuantas veces sea necesario.
Aunque Neutrogena hace todo lo posible por mantener permanentemente actualizadas las listas de ingredientes en este sitio web, no podemos garantizar que las mismas estén completas, actualizadas y libres de errores, ni que sean confiables. Para acceder a una lista de ingredientes más exacta, consulta el envase del producto.

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